Resident Evil 5 - Xbox 360

Plot Edit

In RE5 U take control of Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar.U have 2 stop Uroboros from being released 2 the world.It takes plac in Africa and first U make your through Shanty town going through chainsaw majinis a executioner and others than u fight Irving and make your way 2 the caves.There u go 2 a reserch facility and the lickers return fron RE2 and U fight U8 and 2 more fights withe Uroborosthan u go 2 a ship and fight gattiling gun wielder and others.The final boss is in a volcano as u finally kill Wesker.

Camera view and playable chactersEdit

RE5 has the same camera view as RE4 and laser sight has also been brought back.In the mercenaries there r 4 playable chacters each with there own additional costumes that can be unlocked by completing stages.There is Chris BSAA Safari and STARS.There is Sheva BSAA Clubin and Tribal.There is Jill BSAA and bad Battle suit or brainwashed which ever one u want 2 call it.There is Wesker Midnight or STARS.There is a new RE5 Gold edition.New bonus such as Lost in nightmares deprate escape new mercenries and new costumes.Versus might also comeback.