Resident Evil 4

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This is the first area in RE4.RE4 is the sisxth istallement in the RE series.U take control as US agent Leon Kennedy.In the first area u r in a village.Your mission is to find the presidents missing daughter.But it backfires when you rescue her butmeet Osmund Saddler for the first time.You find out that U and Ashley[the presidents daughter]infected.U have Luis Sera as your help.U later find the Big Cheese of the village.Leon takes him out and U go 2 a bad move.the boss fights are a fish monster a giant and the big cheese.

Castle and islandEdit

While in the castle U get separated from Ashley.U fight many monsters go through a maze and fight this guy who looks like wolverine from Marvel comics.U fight more chainsaw guys and more monsters [its been so long I cant list them all].U finally kill the leader Ramon Sallazar and move 2 a island.Another bad move.Whileon the Island U kill Leons old partner Jack Krauser.U also kill a gattiling gun weilder.This is the first one were u can upgrade weapons so its not so bad. oh and u get seperated from Ashley like nonstop.U finally get cured along with Ashley and kill Saddler. Depending on what system u have the game 4 there is unlockable guns and scenarios.I did not give u all the facts if u want the whole storyline play the game or go 2 resident evil wiki.